Rumble’s Sad Loss

It has now been nearly a month since little Bubbles left us & Rumble is missing her dearly.  In the first week of her passing Rumble’s allergy became worse, he barely ate anything & he was very depressed.  This has all been brought on by the stress of her death & Rumble for the first time in 5 years is on his own.  He isn’t totally on his own as he has the other bunnies in the shed but it is the close companionship that he is missing. I have been in the process of finding him another female but due to time wasters this is taking a lot longer than anticipated.  So to keep him ticking over & in good spirits he has had a lot more attention than normal & he has been allowed to roam around the garden out of his pen more frequently.  My aim is to keep him interested in things & eating enough. As long as I keep him like this it should stop him going into the ‘giving up phase’, which I have seen bunnies do frequently on the loss of their partner. Prevention is better than cure on this one otherwise you have quite the battle on your hands.

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