Monthly Archives: October 2017

An Autumn Afternoon

Waiting for a play.

The bunnies took full advantage of a rare sunny Autumn afternoon.

Thumper enjoying his time out.

Just a gentle breeze, full sun & plenty of grass.  What more could a bunny want?  Although in Thumper’s case it was to be left alone.

Rumble on an investigation.

For some playing out wasn’t just about eating grass & enjoying the sun.  Rumble found the drain most interesting.  Each to their own!

Toffee & Patch Cause Chaos

Toffee just chillin’ inside his box.
Patch enjoying the outdoors munching clover.

Cleaning day so Toffee & Patch got to play free inside the shed & outside around the outdoor pens.  They were able to come & go as they pleased. Patch  preferred the outdoors in the wind & occasional rain shower while Toffee preferred to chill inside. Patch also managed to stuff her face with as much clover as possible & Toffee went on his usual Continue reading Toffee & Patch Cause Chaos