Toffee & Patch Cause Chaos

Toffee just chillin’ inside his box.
Patch enjoying the outdoors munching clover.

Cleaning day so Toffee & Patch got to play free inside the shed & outside around the outdoor pens.  They were able to come & go as they pleased. Patch  preferred the outdoors in the wind & occasional rain shower while Toffee preferred to chill inside. Patch also managed to stuff her face with as much clover as possible & Toffee went on his usual greeting mission.  However, this does not usually go down well with some bunnies.  Tilly wasn’t overly pleased by his visit & kept trying to yank some fur off him & as for Thumper, well, he was just livid that those two could wander at will.  Both Toffee & Patch managed to take the odd cardboard box to the next stage of it’s life & enjoy the height of the hay bales which they also found very tasty.

Toffee & Patch enjoying the hay.

The other bunnies were constantly keeping an eye on them & not happy they weren’t playing out too. Now they’re relaxing  after a hard day of wandering about & eating. The other bunnies are chilled too now everyone is back home where they’re meant to be.

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