Weigh Time

Annie having her weigh in.

Yesterday was cleaning out day & the bunnies monthly weigh ins. Most were well behaved on the scales with Annie coming out tops.  Rumble for some reason hates the towel on the scales & Teddy, well, he’s just too bouncy to sit still for long.  Fortunately, Auntie D had come over for a visit so we managed. Auntie D also brought lots of goodies including apple branches, dandelions & veg.
I have been doing monthly weighs for all my bunnies for over a decade now & it is a good way of revealing if something is not right with them. For instance in this weigh in, Thumper has lost a reasonable amount of weight from last months weigh in. This on it’s own doesn’t prove anything it just gives me an indication I need to  monitor him more closely & will weigh again in a weeks time to see if the weight loss is continuing.  If it is then there is a possibility something is not quite right.  I also take in to account their history & in Thumper’s case he has had teeth problems in the past so this could be the start of that problem returning. The scales help me to identify potential problems earlier & without them I would not know at this stage that Thumper had lost weight.

The scales I use are baby scales, they have a very good area for the bunny to sit comfortably & big enough for any large or giant bunnies.  I put a towel on the scales so the bunnies have some grip, without it the plastic surface is too slippery.
You may notice from the picture that the green buttons on the scales have chunks missing.  This is courtesy of Toffee & Patch, one afternoon they found my scales & thought it was good for a chew. None of the bits were eaten, they just left them all over the floor.

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