Stressful Weekend!

A couple of days before weekend little Thumper had somehow managed to be bitten by the visiting wild bunny we have.  He got bit right on the lips.  I bathed his wound in a diluted antiseptic solution & gave him some Metacam (painkiller).  An hour or so after the medication he was back to his usual self.  I kept checking his wound everyday to make sure it was healing well.  It looked fine until Saturday when I noticed a thin strip of pus. I immediately booked him into the vets that day as infections must be nipped in the bud before an abscess  can start.  The vet had a good look & confirmed the wound was infected.  A course of antibiotics was prescribed for the next 10 days & a twice daily bathe of the wound is needed. Thumper is taking his medication quite well although he isn’t keen on me bathing his wound but needs must.

The next ‘event’ was Rumble, who had been happily running amok around the shed all day whilst I was cleaning their pens out.  He was put back in his pen & about an hour later when I went to feed them I noticed Rumble looked very uncomfortable, could not settle & was shivering. He had no interest in any food & felt cold. I  recognized he had trapped gas.
I immediately gave him some painkillers & some Infacol.  Infacol is for babies to relieve colic & is perfectly safe to use on rabbits at the correct dose. I then gave him a hot water bottle until I got a basket ready for him to come into the house.  Inside the basket I had a heat mat, soft blankets & a water dish.  I also turned the heating up in the room he was going in. Once inside it took over an hour for him to settle & when he did it was only for 20 minutes.  However, as the next hour passed he began to settle for longer & thankfully this continued as time passed.
I put a small dish of food in his basket containing some of his pellets & a small amount of veg which happened to be Kale.  By the early hours of the morning he had eaten some of his food.  I was very relieved to see that by the morning all his food had gone & he was quite annoyed at being in a small space.  He was ready to go back into the shed but I didn’t want to put him straight back as I felt the temperature change was too much so I moved him to a cooler room in the house for about an hour to acclimatise & then put him back into the shed.  He has been fine since.

Rumble finally settled.

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