Christmas Means Tree Treat!

The Sprout trees are in store so every year as a treat the bunnies get to share one.  In my previous sheds I have hung the tree from the rafters but no visible rafters in this shed.
So with a bit of bodging the sprout tree is hung & currently circulating the pens.

Toffee & Patch have first go.
Annie & Thumper tucking in.

The sprout tree is a great boredom breaker & you’ll soon identify who the lazy bunnies are!
Annie & Thumper get 10/10 for team work.  They worked out if you take opposite sides & ate at the same time the tree would stay steady. Some of the others spent quite a while ‘chasing’ the tree.
The reason the bunnies only get 1 tree to share is that sprouts are quite difficult to digest so I don’t want any of them gorging on the lot. I only give them the tree for a few hours at a time & only a certain length of the tree is reachable not the whole lot.


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