Vaccination Time

Toffee with his basket getting ready for his vaccination trip
Baskets out – ready to be made up & bunnies put in.


This time of year is vaccination time for my bunnies.  The Myxomatosis & VHD season will be starting soon & I don’t take any risks with my bunnies.  They have their vaccinations. The vaccination they are having is the VHD2 & in 2-3 weeks the combined Myxomatosis & VHD1 will be given. It doesn’t have to be this way round, it just happened to fall that way for my bunnies.  They will also get a full health check while at the vets – so I have my list of issues! Just a few little minor things need checking.
Once they return from the vets I will keep a close eye on them.  Sometimes they can be a little quiet in the following 24 hours of having the vaccine.  I will be paying particular attention to Tilly as she hasn’t had the vaccine before. For further information on the vaccinations click this link. Vaccinations

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