Patch relaxing after her vaccination.
Annie on extra alert after her vaccination. Am I going to be picked up again?

Rumble feeling very tired after his vaccination.
Toffee feeling the same – tired & ready for a de stress.

After their vaccination of VHD2, no one suffered any issues.  They weren’t even quiet afterwards.  Tilly did great too as this was her first vaccination of VHD2.  Next vaccinations are for Myxomatosis & VHD1 in a couple of weeks. They will then be able to play outside assuming the weather is good enough! Click this link Vaccinations to read more on the importance of vaccinating & the diseases.

The bunnies all had a full health check.  Everyone ok including all the bunnies with potential teeth problems.  They are being kept under control by their diet. Rumble’s allergy is having a bad flare up & his mucus has got very slightly thicker so he is on antibiotics for 5 days.  Looks like he may have an infection.

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