Rumble & Tilly’s Play Out.

Rumble playing at King of The Castle!

It was Rumble & Tilly’s turn to have a full day playing around in the shed.  What did they get up to? Well, Tilly thought if she sneaked about I wouldn’t notice that she was hiding behind Toffee & Patch’s pen ready to wind them both up when I wasn’t looking.  Toffee does not like visitors to his pen & certainly doesn’t like Patch interacting with them.  Tilly was told off & Toffee & Patch’s pen cordoned off.

Tilly sneaking about. Has she seen me?

Rumble on the other hand was just happy to run about investigating things & jumping on items that gave him greater height to get a good view of everything.  The stool being the perfect thing.  Then after such a hard day Rumble was more than ready for a long nap.

Rumble all tired out.

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