Fantastic – Apple Branches!

Annie & Thumper tucking in. Thumper’s favourite part of the branch are the buds.
Teddy & Daisy speed chomp! They’re the quickest munchers in the shed.

Tilly & Rumble leisurely munch their branch.
Toffee & Patch are quite delicate when they munch their branch. No pulling the branch their way or trying to run off with it.

On Saturday the bunnies Aunty D came over with pressies consisting of apple branches & veg.  The apple branches are by far the bunnies most favourite.  They are very fortunate that their Aunty D & Uncle P have an orchard although Uncle P says it is now looking like a Bonsai orchard! The bunnies have been devouring quite a lot of their branches this past year. The bunnies are very grateful though as the branches are great boredom breakers & help their teeth stay trim.  Within a couple of hours the branches now look like this:

Teddy & Daisy’s branch stripped clean.
Annie & Thumper’s branch stripped clean too.
Tilly & Rumble’s branch not quite stripped yet.
Toffee & Patch’s stripped & chomped.

They certainly don’t last long! The bunnies & I definitely recommend trying to obtain apple branches for your buns just make sure no chemicals have been sprayed on them.

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