Vaccinations All Done.

All bunnies now fully vaccinated.

Teddy & Daisy relaxing after their vaccination.

The leftovers from the vaccinations.

The vet came out to give the bunnies their second vaccination. The first vaccination, VHD2 was a couple of weeks ago.  This time was the combined vaccine for Myxomatosis & VHD1.  Bunnies all had a good thorough check from the vet & everyone is doing good.  The bunnies with potential teeth problems are all being kept under control by diet except Patch.  It is looking like her gradual weight loss maybe due to her teeth. She is to have a couple more weigh ins to see if her weight stabilizes if not it is looking like she’ll have to have a dental. Quite disappointed but relieved her weight loss isn’t something serious.
Most of the bunnies behaved well but a couple, Annie & Teddy, were rather boisterous & uncooperative.

Rumble wanting fussing after the vaccination ordeal.
Toffee & Patch had a little play out after their vaccination but it was just too much for Patch.
Annie & Thumper were sulking & wanted to be left alone.



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