Check Up Time & Weigh in with a Surprise from Patch.

Daisy was up first to give her weight.

Daisy has actually lost weight which is good, she is at the top end of her weight so definitely doesn’t want to be gaining more.

Thumper was looking good.
Rumble during his check up was found to have a very wet nose.

The ongoing saga of Rumble & his allergy has led to his nose being very wet & now his right eye is milky.  Click here to read more about Rumble’s allergy.  I have been monitoring it closely everyday & his symptoms seem to have worsened since February this year.  Once again I am at a loss to explain it.  Nothing has changed in his environment & I keep cleaning his face everyday.  From today I have started his Maxitrol eye drops until the milky eye disappears.  He is also full of mucus from his bouts of sneezing.  I wish rabbits could blow their nose! It’s very frustrating not being able to find something that could stop or reduce his sneezing. Poor Lad.

Patch surprises me with her weight.

If you’ve read my previous post you will know Patch’s weight is currently being monitored due to a gradual weight loss over the past few months.  However, the weigh in earlier this week showed she had gained & today we have another gain!  She is back at her 2kg weight.  It had been suggested that it could be her teeth causing the gradual loss but that seems doubtful now.  I shall be contacting the vet early next week for advice.  It is good news though, maybe no dental is needed!

Good news on everyone else who wouldn’t keep still on the scales long enough for a photo, they are all fit & a good weight.

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