Food For Thought & More……

Rumble & Tilly relaxing at the entrance of their pipe.

First update is Rumble & Tilly & the ongoing food battle.  They are still both being very stubborn & losing weight.  However, more food is being eaten so maybe they are finally weakening! I reckon I have until the end of this week to keep going, then I’ll have to give in because Rumble’s weight will be at the lowest allowable.  From the photo below of their faeces you can tell they are not eating fully.  See the difference between the 2 piles, Rumble & Tilly’s are on the left & are smaller & slightly darker. Toffee & Patch’s is the pile on the right & they are much bigger & lighter. Toffee & Patch are of similar size & weight to Rumble & Tilly.

Left pile – Rumble & Tilly. Right pile – Toffee & Patch.

On a positive note for Rumble his milky eye has cleared up after 3 days of Maxitrol eye drops & he has been having less mucus in his nose. So hoping it lasts for a while.


Spoke to the vet about Patch & her weight gain.  The fact she has regained so much of her weight means she does not need a dental.  Her teeth issues have not caused any soft tissue damage which is good. If there had been any she would definitely have needed a dental as the teeth would be causing damage.  All the way through these months of losing weight she has looked like she has been eating normally.  It is possible something else caused her to lose the weight.  The plan for now is to keep monitoring her weight on a weekly basis & look for any continual weight loss over a few weeks or if I spot anything else to then take her in to be checked by the vet.

Thumper investigating the smaller mesh.

In a previous post A Cheeky Visitor, a wild bun, had been causing chaos with everyone especially Thumper & Annie.  Thumper & Annie’s pen now has smaller mesh added so no long slender noses & teeth can squeeze through keeping everyone safe.  Don’t think Thumper was overly impressed!

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