Sunny Bank Holiday Weekend – At Last!

Patch enjoying the sun finally!

Toffee just chillin’ watching the world go by.
Daisy having some proper freedom while Thumper & Annie look on wishing it was them.
Daisy & Teddy scoffing clover in unison!!
Rumble & Tilly came in out of the sun for their afternoon siesta.

Mr Wild Bun has been round everyday since Weds & has very kindly covered everyone in orange pee! From Rumble & Tilly’s photo above you will see Rumble is a touch orange in places.

Mr Wild Bun has worn a path around the outside pens.
He has managed to flatten the grass with his many hours of running backwards & forwards visiting everyone.

Update – Rumble & Tilly are still battling me over their food but Rumble has gained weight this week so maybe he’s coming round.  Tilly has lost weight so looks like we are continuing the battle for another week.  Patch’s weight remains the same so she is nice & stable, thankfully.

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