After months & months Rumble & Tilly have finally beaten me over the food.  The last weigh in & Rumble had dropped below the lowest safest weight of 1.75kg that I had been advised he could go down to, he weighed in at 1.71kg.

I could not allow him to drop anymore. So earlier this week I started to introduce the Burgess Excel back.  I have gone with Burgess because he has had it before & I know he likes it.


As for Tilly she was doing reasonably well on the Allen & Page but her last weigh in she had dropped to 2kg from 2.1kg. I may well have won the battle with Tilly but definitely not with Rumble. He has to be one of the most stubborn rabbits I have ever had.

My priority now is to increase both their weights & get them both back up to a healthy figure.  This will also rule out there is no illness involved. I am pretty certain there isn’t because they are both behaving normally in every aspects of their life just reluctant to eat the Allen & Page pellets.  Bit disappointed but at least I tried.

Both weighed on Saturday & both have increased their weight.

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