Fly Defence.

Daisy enjoying the grass in the sun with Thumper looking on jealously.

It is nice to have a good summer although this time it is just a little bit too hot. It does bring with it the dreaded potential of flystrike too. I have put into action some of my fly defence.  This includes my stickers on a couple of windows in the rabbit shed & a fly tape.  Unfortunately, in this shed I am not able to hang my fly tape so I have placed it on the windowsills & the tape is stiff enough to stand up.

Fly Tape.
Fly Sticker.
Fly Sticker.

I am also keeping a close eye on all the bunnies too, making sure everyone has clean bums & seeing if any flies are particularly attracted to any specific bunny. At the moment I don’t have any vulnerable bunnies in the shed which would require extra protection.  These would include ill & elderly bunnies.  The extra protection would be applying either Rearguard or F10 spray. Rearguard prevents eggs already laid on the bunny from developing into maggots & the F10 spray repels flies & kills maggots.

If your rabbit has flystrike it is an absolute medical emergency.  You must take your rabbit to a vet immediately.  It cannot be left, not for any time period, if it is, your rabbit will die a horrendous death.

Click here to read more about flystrike & things you can do to prevent it.


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