Old Age is No Fun.

Patch enjoying her time outside.

After Patch’s outside play it was time for Patch to be wormed. I am worming Patch due to her age & E. Cuniculi.  E. Cuniculi is a protozoan parasite. A microscopic parasite of the brain & kidneys.
I learned a lot from my experience with Kitty & now I routinely give Panacur to any older rabbits & any that have a weakened immune system.  By doing this I hope to keep the E. Cuniculi parasite at bay as had I done that with Kitty I may have prevented it.

Patch receiving a treat after being wormed.
Rumble is also due to be wormed.

Rumble falls into my category of older rabbit with a possible weakened immune system due to his allergy. So when he is fully recovered from his latest allergy flare up he is next to be wormed. Patch & Rumble will be wormed with Panacur.

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