Teddy and Rumble Update.

Teddy relaxing now his treatment has ended.

Teddy has now finished his course of eye drops.  The eye, so far, is looking good.  There is no weeping, no redness & the sagged bit of lid is looking normal again.  However, he has only been off the drops since Tuesday & I usually like them to do a full week of being good.  So fingers crossed he’s ok now.

Teddy being camera shy as I examine his eye.
Rumble a little tired bunny at the moment.

I stopped the trial of the pink inhaler several days ago.  It was not working & Rumble was getting stressed.  His symptoms had got worse too. He had an increase in mucus & was sneezing more.  For the last couple of days I have been giving him his blue inhaler when I feel he needs it. So far, his symptoms have improved.  He is sneezing less & the mucus has reduced.  As always I shall keep him under close observation.  The whole trial & increase in his symptoms seems to have left little Rumble quite tired. I am hoping he gets back to his normal self pretty soon.

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