Branch Time!

Teddy & Daisy tucking into an apple branch.

Now it is hedge clipping time, the bunnies have been able to have a variety of branches & twigs to chew on.

Hawthorn & Hazel from a very young hedge.
Annie & Thumper getting started on an apple branch.
Hawthorn. I always make sure the branch doesn’t have the sharp thorns on before I give to the bunnies.

My hedge is very young at the moment so the branches aren’t much more than big twigs really. The Hawthorn above usually has very sharp thorns on its branches but for safety sakes I always choose branches that don’t have the thorns.

This is Hazel, another plant that forms part of the hedge & what the bunnies like to chew.
Tilly & Rumble with an apple branch.
A collection of branches. Far left is Hawthorn, Hazel & the larger branches are apple.
Toffee & Patch with an apple branch.

The apple branches are definitely the bunnies favourite, but as I don’t have a limitless supply they make do with the Hazel & Hawthorn.

The result of all that gnawing on the apple branches.

Giving the bunnies branches provide a great boredom breaker & also something to help wear their teeth. Before you give any branches, please make sure they haven’t been sprayed with any chemicals.  If in doubt do not give to your bunnies.

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