A Christmas Sprout Tree.

Watch Teddy & Daisy get to grips with their sprout tree.

Toffee & Patch check out the sprout tree.

As soon as sprout trees are available I snap one up for the bunnies. I personally hate sprouts but the bunnies love them. The sprouts in tree form are a great boredom breaker as the bunnies have to work for their sprouts.  The tree is suspended from the top of their pen & when one of the bunnies has finished eating, the tree will swing slightly making them work hard for the sprouts.

Toffee & Patch were the first to try it out.

Toffee having a go. He was a little scared when the tree swung about.
Patch working out the best way to get stuck in.
Patch has cracked it!

Next was Rumble & Tilly, no photos of them because  Tilly ignored it as I don’t think she realised what it was & Rumble was so comfy in his sun spot he couldn’t be bothered to get up, although later in the day they had a munch on it.

Day three it was Annie & Thumper’s turn.

Annie took a bite & Thumper was having to move out the way as the tree swung back.
Annie really tucking in now as Thumper waits his turn.
Annie eyeing up the bigger sprouts near the top of the tree. Thumper had enough & went for a lie down.

The fourth day, the sprout tree went to Teddy & Daisy.  Always a tricky one as there is such a difference in height between these two. I didn’t want to put the tree too low as Teddy would over indulge but I also wanted Daisy to be able to have a good munch.  Think I got it right after much faffing!

Teddy sat happily munching while Daisy considers her options.
Daisy tries out the bottom of the tree option first. Teddy carries on his scoffing.
Daisy tries a little higher up while Teddy still chomps away.

I don’t give them more than one sprout tree between the eight of them as sprouts are quite hard to digest.  That is also why they only have the tree for a few hours a day.


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