Doing Their Own Thing.


Tilly doing some box investigating & Rumble munching hay as well as investigating a box.

It was Rumble & Tilly’s turn to play out in the shed, they had a ball investigating, chinning, bit of grooming & generally messing about.

Tilly out of the box munching hay while Rumble has found a good smell.
A swap over, Rumble now munching hay while Tilly checks out a smell on a water dish.

The water dish belongs to my foster hedgehogs so new smells for Tilly. Meanwhile…

Annie & Thumper get stuck into their hay.
Lots of munching to do!
Teddy & Daisy relax.
Toffee & Patch also get stuck into their hay.
Patch literally getting stuck or at least wrapped up in her hay!
Rumble also loving his hay.
Tilly uses the hay as a good platform for smells & a quick snack.
The play out is nearly over so Rumble has a quick relax & sunbathe.
Back in their pen.
What a tiring day.

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