Bunnies First Play In Their Outside Pens.

Bunnies finally get to play out in their pens for the first time this year. The pens have to rest over winter to recover from the scalping the bunnies give them. Above video is Teddy & Daisy venturing out for the first time.

Tilly & Rumble also ventured out & found the grass a touch too long. No video of Annie & Thumper as unfortunately the camera didn’t focus correctly. You can see Annie & Thumper enjoying themselves to the left of the video of Tilly & Rumble.

Toffee & Patch enjoying the sun indoors.

Toffee & Patch aren’t playing out full time yet. Their pen does not connect to the rabbit shed, therefore, they cannot go inside when they want to. There is a nip in the wind at the moment & it’s too cold for them to be outside especially as Patch is heading for senior years.

They did get out of their pen to have a good play in the shed & a sunbathe though.

As long as the sun was out they were there.

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