Mr Wild Bun & Big Ted.

Mr Wild Bun trying to catch Daisy’s attention.

The outdoor camera has been capturing more footage of Mr Wild Bun interacting with my bunnies. He targets Big Ted & Daisy this time.

Unfortunately, the camera did end up going on an angle with this set of photos.

He’s having no luck attracting Daisy but Thumper is wondering what he’s doing.
Thumper wanting Mr Wild Bun to return.
Finally, Big Ted is out so Mr Wild Bun can play. Thumper really not happy about it though.
Big Ted is having a good smell of Mr Wild Bun. Thumper so missing out!
Big Ted gets bored, as does Thumper.
Mr Wild Bun not happy at them ignoring him.
Fed up with being ignored, Mr Wild Bun has a good munch.
Thumper now wanting some interaction. Mr Wild Bun thinks about.
Thinks a bit more.
Decides to finally go back to Thumper.



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