Patch’s Ongoing Recovery.

Patch still in confinement.

Patch is now 6 weeks into her broken leg recovery.  She has had several incidents where she has either lost balance or done something else that has put the leg in a stressful situation.  How the leg is still together I have no idea after these heart stopping incidents.
On Weds of this week, Patch had an X ray to see how the leg looks & if the metalwork can come out. There was a tiny concern that the broken leg was looking a little more splayed out than normal. It was a very tense wait for the results.
The results were generally good. Her leg is more or less where it is was after the op to fix it, but she has managed to snap a wire that went around the top of her femur. This has allowed the leg to move a fraction & explains why the leg is more splayed.  All in all though we’re still in the game even though she is not out of the woods yet.

Patch finishing munching.


There is another worry though.  Patch had a couple of days a few weeks ago of her eyes flicking & it was thought she may have E. Cuniculi. She has been on a 30 day course of Panacur, a wormer, since that incident. Since then she has displayed no other symptoms & the eyes stopped flicking, but as she was recovering from the sedation she developed a head tilt.  This is a symptom of E. Cuniculi, it was a very mild tilt & had gone by that evening but it does seem to suggest something is grumbling away. Whilst she had a sedative, bloods were taken to check her calcium levels & to check for E. Cuniculi. Hoping to get those results next week.  She also has a very irritated right ear.  The ear has more wax in it than her left & it is possible something is afoot. Some wax was taken for analysis & I hope to get the results of that soon.  They will be checking for ear mites. Why can things never be straightforward? Why can’t she just have had the one issue to deal with?
I think Patch is dealing with things better than me!

Patch & her partner have been separated for 6 weeks now.  At first Toffee was very needy, requiring lots of attention. He seems a lot more settled now & at night, Patch’s crate is by the side of his pen. He has been getting plenty of outdoor time which he is enjoying, possibly a bit too much…..

Toffee, having too good a time playing out & partying hard!




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