New Ramps!

Daisy listening intently about the new ramps.

After Patch’s broken leg incident, even though she never had a ramp, I decided the current ramps were a potential for a similar incident. The current ramps were inspired by my dad’s chicken ramps, but since kitting the pens out with the rubber matting I thought there was room for improvement.

The current ramp, it was time to remove the blocks.

I felt the blocks had the potential to knock the bunnies feet when jumping off it. So they had to go. Initially, the blocks were a good idea as the bunnies can use them for grip to get up the ramp & the blocks help stop the bunnies sliding down.

Teddy & Daisy’s current ramp. It wasn’t just the blocks that I felt had the potential for a hazard, but the surface of the ramp was also a little slippy.

The slippy surface meant that sometimes the bunnies didn’t always have full control as they came down the ramp, occasionally it was a little too uncontrolled & fast.

The new ramps have had the blocks removed & the rubber gym matting sunk into the ramp so it is flush. The bunnies definitely have more control & grip when going up & coming down the ramps. See the videos below for the bunnies first encounter with the new ramps.





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