How do you Solve a Problem like Daisy?

Daisy having the dreaded weigh in.

Not to be rude about Daisy but she has always been on the weighty side.  Her weight should be around the 2.5kg mark, maybe in winter rising to 2.6kg, but Daisy often weighs in at 2.8kg & on occasion has been know to hit the 3kg mark. Her partner is Big Ted & he is a Flemish Giant who does eat a lot of food, & he is also quite manic over food due to his past.  This, I think makes Daisy scoff as much as she can before Big Ted eats it all, however, she doesn’t seem to know when to stop.

Munch, munch!

As her weight gradually crept up, I decided I would have to do something.  The problems of an obese bunny are frequent bouts of  gut stasis, unable to clean themselves properly, at greater risk of flystrike & extra strain on the body, all of which could kill her.
The first thing I did was drastically reduce their dry food & then on the sly, I would sneak Big Ted some extra Fibafirst sticks as he did not need to go on a diet. This worked to some extent but Daisy would snatch the Fibafirst off  Big Ted & then Big Ted would chase her around, it basically was causing too much stress & led Big Ted to be on the constant nag for food whenever I went into the shed. Their weights were not good either, Daisy had barely lost anything & Big Ted had lost a lot.

Daisy having another weigh in with disappointing results. We all know that feeling don’t we?
Daisy loving any morsel of grass.

Spring arrived & the bunnies were let out, this meant Daisy would be getting more exercise so that would help with her weight loss, but so would Big Ted & I didn’t want him to lose any weight. What was I going to do?  How was I going to maintain Big Ted’s  weight unless I gave him even more food which was already very stressful with Daisy constantly trying to get the food & feeling left out?

Eventually, a human bunny came up with the idea of a block of wood with holes drilled in so that the Fibafirst sticks could fit in, we named it Teddy’s snack rack.  The block was attached  at Teddy’s height so Daisy could not reach it.  At first Big Ted couldn’t find the sticks as he could smell the food & in his panic to find it he kept missing it. Eventually he calmed down & found it.  Now he can take each stick out whenever he pleases & happily munch away without Daisy getting any. Sometimes, Daisy isn’t even aware he is doing it, so cutting down on all the stress. She occasionally, manages to steal a tiny piece but nothing to bother her weight. This has allowed Teddy to gain & then maintain his weight, he also doesn’t beg everytime I go in the shed either.

Teddy’s Snack Rack.

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