Teddy & Daisy go Exploring.

Teddy thinking about things.

It was Teddy & Daisy’s turn to explore their indoor area. Teddy loves things which give him height.

Daisy doesn’t know where to start, although the vacuum pipe was the first to be investigated.
It doesn’t take Daisy long to head for the hay bales.
Always following her tummy, she spies the dishes but disappointingly, they are all empty.
Teddy doesn’t miss a trick & follows suit to the dishes.
Daisy heads back to do some box investigations.
Bit of chinning too.
Meanwhile, Teddy’s had some hay & has checked the boxes out.
He just needs to check the other side though.
Boxes finished, time for the interesting cat bed next.
Then some more food!
Daisy investigates the mat & interesting smells.
After all that exploration, it’s time for a chill out.

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