Thumper’s Annoying Carpet Fetish.


Thumper may look sweet & innocent but he has a very naughty streak in him. He is one of the smallest bunnies in the shed but has one of the biggest personalities.  As he has got older, he has become very confident at doing what he wants, in fact he’s very stubborn.  Thumper is now six years old & quite frankly gets naughtier with age. His new ‘thing’ is destroying carpet!

The bunny shed has various bits of carpets placed in different areas, these have been in place before Thumper arrived in the shed & have been here for the five years he’s been here. So why he has suddenly taken an aggressive interest in them is anyone’s guess. It all started on an indoor play out around the shed with his missus Annie.  I had heard some digging but then other, more violent noises could be heard, I went to investigate and found……

Thumper wondering why I am disturbing him!
Lots of carpet fibres & a distressed looking carpet near the wall.
Thumper considers getting back to his work!

Carpet fibres are very dangerous to bunnies if ingested, they do not pass through their digestive system causing a blockage.  It is a medical emergency if this happens as the guts will have slowed, if not stopped which, if not treated immediately will cause the death of the rabbit. They usually end up with an operation to remove the fibres but it can still be touch & go depending on how much time has passed & the quantity of fibres that are in their digestive system.  Fortunately,  Thumper doesn’t eat any of the fibres, he likes to pile them up or scatter them about as you can see in the photos.

Some of the nasty carpet fibres

I am not happy he is destroying the carpet, not for the sake of the carpet as it is old, but the risk Thumper may one day decide to eat the fibres.  I am working on a solution as it’s not as straightforward as removing the carpet, it is all in place for a plethora of reasons, including providing grip for the bunnies & keeping the shed clear of wintry weather such as mud & wet feet.  He is also teaching Annie to ‘have a go’ & little Peanut has also been watching him closely doing this activity & he is easily influenced.  For now I have blocked off the favourite carpet spot which he fervently tries to get at every time he is out.  This is the damage so far…

Carpet damage.

As I said, Thumper has taught Annie what a fab thing it is to do.

Annie trying to get at the carpet.

Here she is in action:

She’s done it but now gives it a break after attacking the blocking bag – Mission Accomplished!

So far Annie isn’t eating any fibres & once again she has never bothered with the carpet for 7 years until naughty Thumper showed her what a great thing it is to do!

The Destructive Duo!
Annie helps remove the blocking bag.
The blocking bag is back! Thumper takes his frustration out on another bit of carpet.

And here he is in action:

The blocking bag has Willow branches inside which are also fun to pull out through holes one has made!
The state of the bag after Thumper & Annie’s exploits.
Damage found to another piece of carpet. Those two have certainly been busy.

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