Hi I’m Daisy,

I’m an 8.5 year old Dwarf Lop. I like to be left to my own devices & only interact when I feel like it. I do enjoy my food.  I like to explore, binky & rip cardboard boxes to pieces, most satisfying.

I have had several homes before this one, they made me very aggressive as I was so scared of humans & didn’t want to be hurt. I am not aggressive any more as I was allowed to relax & do things in my own time when I came to live here.

Link to my latest updates & adventures

Phew! What a day!
Oh clover – my favourite!
Hmn, whose been here ? Well it’s mine!
Eh? Someone mention food? Where?
Do you like my headband?
If I want to corpse I’ll corpse!
What? Of course I know I’m cute!


Oh more clover – Mmmnnnn.
It’s hard work all this digging & rearranging things.
Oooo – What’s this?
I don’t really want my weigh in.