Hi everyone, my name is Poppy.  I am six months old & was born at the sanctuary I was adopted from. My mum had been rescued from a multi rabbit household & was found to be pregnant, thus resulting in me & my siblings.

I have only been here a couple of months & a lot has happened, I have met all the other bunnies in the shed, my adopted mum & dad & my new husbun Toffee. I was quite shy when I first arrived but I am having a lot of new experiences which I am enjoying. I am starting to feel a lot more confident now.  My handsome husbun Toffee reassures me a lot if I am worried about things. My mum says she’ll be getting a lot more pictures of me soon. She says my mane has grown & looks like Santa’s beard!!!!  Who is Santa?

Poppy’s favourite thing is to sit in boxes.
Here Poppy is taking everything in.