Hi I’m Tilly,

I am a 6.5 year old English cross.  I have settled into this home really well & have come out of my shell a lot.  I love playing outside & never want to go back in. I loved my husbun Rumble, we had a rocky start but we just cuddled, groomed & chilled. Unfortunately, my darling Rumble passed away in May 2020, I miss him loads.

I have been rehomed once before.  I don’t know why I was given back.  It is great to be settled in a permanent home now, as I was in the sanctuary for a year.  I now have a new husbun, Peanut.  I didn’t quite know what to make of him at first but he managed to win me over with his charms.

Link to my latest update & adventures


Who goes there?
What’s up here?
What’s that noise?
I want to get down.
Ahh – nice warm sun & fresh air.
Oooo what’s up here?
Oh I didn’t see you there.
Hiding – I’m not hiding.
Yeah – out the door to freedom!
Bunny Butt!
Cardboard boxes – my favourite.
Me? I haven’t been up to anything.