Hi I’m Toffee,

I am 8.5 years old. I like lots of hugs & cuddles but what I don’t like is having my coat brushed. My coat is wool like an Angora’s & we think my Dad must have been one. Sometimes it can be very difficult especially when I am moulting. I arrived, with my missus Patch, at this home as there was a family illness in my previous home. Sadly, my beloved Patch passed away in June 2020, I miss her loads & loads & loads.

I love this home as I have got to meet lots of new faces & I want to befriend them all whether they want to or not. I now have a new missus called Poppy.  I am sadly losing my sight but my Poppy looks after me well & gives me lots of reassurance.

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Aaah, a bit of sun & fresh air!
Munch munch…..
What? Newspapers? I’d rather see what’s in this bag
Hmn Pipe or Cool Block wrapped in towel. Can’t decide..
Just been brushed – aargh where’s my treat? I can smell it.
Right what’s going on outside?
Ahhh – nice day for quiet contemplation.
Just chillin’ in my box.
Brrr – little chilly out here.
Yippee freedom!
The sun, so warm & relaxing. Bliss.
Clover – yum, yum.