Annie 2013-2022

Dearest Annie passed away on the 27th May 2022.  This is what she said about herself.

Hi I’m Annie,

I am a 8.5 year old Dwarf Lop with lovely red eyes. I love binkying, speedy runs & looking after my husbun Thumper.

I was dumped at a sanctuary in a cardboard box with my friend & although it wasn’t particularly romantic in that box overnight, several weeks later I gave birth to my 7 babies. I was only 8 months old myself but I worked really hard to look after my babies. So I could do this, on a temporary basis I moved into my current families shed. I got extra meals & attention not to mention loads of space for me to take time out from my very demanding brood. Fortunately for me, just before I was due to go back to the sanctuary I was able to stay on a permanent basis. I was so happy.

Link to my latest updates & adventures

Ahh – This is the life.
Can I help you?
Sooo tired.
Yes? What do you want?
Huh? I can see you y’know.
Mine! It’s all mine!
Hmn, nice rug & I’m looking good.
Peek a Boo!
Right the latest news, hmn let me see…..


Aaah, good to relax.
Well tired!
Can I come in?
My favourite cupboard.
Tired again!