2006 – 2017


This is Bubbles, she was 11 years old when she died.

Below is what Bubbles said of herself:

I am 11 years old but that does not mean to say I am decrepit. I am still one the highest jumpers in our shed & love nothing better than to scamp around winding everybody up even the big fella Ted. I find it very pleasing.

At my previous home I was a house rabbit & loved to be left to just get on with things.

They had a new human arrival so everything got very hectic & consequently, I joined this clan. My husbun is Rumble who is very useful as a comfy pillow.


I love watching the sun rise.
Just watching the world go by.
This tunnel is not quite right, hmn..
Oh is this a great box or what?
Yes, I am hiding. So?


Huh? What do you want? I’m trying to read my morning paper.
Interesting. Whose been visiting my apple tree?
I have what on my nose?
What’ve you got for me?