Patch 2011-2020.

Sadly, Patch died on the 4th June 2020.  This is what she said about herself.

Hi I’m Patch,

I am an 8.5 year old Lionhead.   I love playing outside in the grass & having a really good stretch of my legs. When the wind blows through my mane & I set off at full pelt it’s exhilarating. Toffee says I should do a hair advert!

I only arrived, with my husbun Toffee, at this home in 2016.  There was a family illness in my previous home. Before that I was rescued from a multi bunny household that had got a touch out of control. I was quite a nervous bun when I first arrived here but I have gained in confidence.

Link to my latest updates & adventures


Cue the music….. How’s this for my hair advert?
And again, music, get a good shot of my mane!
Yes? This is all mine.


Whatever… I’m busy!


Phew! I’m beat!
Hmn…. what should I do next?
Sun & fresh air – fantastic.
What did I weigh?
Just chillin’
What? I’m not up to anything.
What are you doing?