Hi, I am Peanut. I am a Lionhead cross & am 3 years old.  Before I came here I was given to a sanctuary when I was nine weeks old with my siblings, but they all got homes except for me so I ended up staying at the sanctuary for just over a year. I am very anxious about humans & sit in wonder at my missus, Tilly, who lets them stroke her head & pick her up.  She says it’s ok but I am unsure. I do like living here & there is lots of interesting things & exciting food. The good thing is my adopted parents are giving me space & letting me deal with things in my own time. One day I hope to be as brave as Tilly.

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I forgot to mention, I love cardboard boxes!

My handiwork!
Tilly looks after me.
I love a good groom.
I’m off!
Hmn something interesting here.
The ever shy Peanut.