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Toffee & Poppy Have a Jolly Good Playtime!

Poppy getting the feeling she’s being watched!

It was time to finally get the bunnies back to playing outside their outdoor pens. I decided to let the less mischievous ones out first. I was confident Poppy would just mooch about & have fun but I was less sure how Toffee would cope.  The last time he played in this area he could see. Continue reading Toffee & Poppy Have a Jolly Good Playtime!

Katie’s Coat – Part One!

Katie with her full coat.
You can see how long it is & quite thick too.

Katie’s coat was ready for coming off, being very rusty  at dealing with Angora coats, over 20 years of rust I might add, I decided my best plan would be to go to YouTube & see what’s out there. After watching several videos of bunnies being sheared, clipped & brushed,  some in a most scary way, being put completely on their back is a massive no, no to me as you just don’t want them going into a trance. Continue reading Katie’s Coat – Part One!

The Pennies Dropped!


Daisy thinking about things.

Daisy has been widowed a few months now & throughout those months I have been attempting to bond her with Apollo. It has been one of the more tricky pairings simply because their pasts caused certain behaviours.  Daisy for all her bravado is actually quite an unconfident bunny & finds it difficult to deal with the world on her own. Since losing Teddy she went back to her old self of being aggressive.  This I believe is her defence system when she is worried about a situation.  Both me & Apollo have seen her teeth but fortunately for Apollo he has a nice thick coat. Continue reading The Pennies Dropped!