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Cuddle Time Caught by the Bunny Cam.

Toffee & Poppy.

The bunnies have a camera inside their shed which is very useful.  I can keep an eye on a sick bunny without keep disturbing them, keep check on what they are all up to & take some cuddle photos.  You’ll have to bare with the small photos, the camera does it’s best. Continue reading Cuddle Time Caught by the Bunny Cam.

Pretty Poppy.


Hi everyone, my name is Poppy.  I am five months old & was born at the sanctuary I was adopted from. My mum had been rescued from a multi rabbit household & was found to be pregnant, thus resulting in me & my siblings. I have only been here for about three weeks & a lot has happened, I have met all the other bunnies in the shed, my adopted mum & dad & my new husbun Toffee. Continue reading Pretty Poppy.