Hi I’m Thumper,

I am 8 years old & like to know everything that is going on. I especially like to sniff things, you can obtain so much information from these interesting smells. I like jumping & having lots of speedy run rounds. I may be one of the smallest bun in the shed but I have been told I have a huge personality. I am spoilt rotten by my missus Annie, as she is a proper mummy bunny & looks after me really well. 

My siblings & I were an accidental litter as my Mum had a visit from my father who is a wild & free bunny one evening. I was taken to a sanctuary with my sister who got rehomed pretty quick, fortunately it was worth waiting for this home as I would never have met my Annie.

Link to my latest updates & adventures

A water bottle? Whose is this?
Well, what have you got for me?
Whose been near my plum tree?
This is my chillin’ apple tree!
What big feet you have!
Eh? You talking to me?
I’d like some peace, thank you!
Ahh a quick rest.
What was that?
What is this thing? Ooo it’s cold.
What is that I can see?
Weird face!
I love to dig.
I can see you.
Ooo What’s this?
Am I handsome bunny or what?