Teddy 2015-2021

Teddy died on the 16th March 2021.  This is what he said about himself.

Hi I’m Teddy,

I’m a 5.5 year old Flemish Giant. I love food & searching for food. If there is any about I will find it. I also like to investigate things, mainly to see if it’s food & play outside as there is lots of food out there too. I do like to stretch my legs & have speedy runs about & binkying is great although I don’t always get the landing right.

I was found abandoned under a car when I was 4 months old & ended up being taken to a sanctuary. They looked after me well but were concerned my home options were limited as I grew into quite a large bunny. Fortunately, this home has lots of space to offer me. I also met my missus, Daisy, at the sanctuary.

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Oh what a day! Need to relax.
So tired.
Nosey? Me?
Do you like my flowers?
It’s in here somewhere…I’m sure.
Hey, I just want to relax. No media please.
Whose been messing around my plum tree?
Whose there?


Well, what have you got?
Phew! What a hard day. Time to relax.
Can’t you see I’m tired?
There is food here somewhere.
Huh? I’m not doing anything.
Ahh – nice relax.
Om Om Om…..
Huh? Yes I am eating.
I’m watching you.