Monthly Archives: November 2020

Panda Eyes!

Gorgeous Toffee!

I think I have said in a previous post that Toffee’s coat is the most interesting to watch during his moults. His colours are so varied ranging from chocolate brown right the way through to a stark blond & ginger. You can see from the photo above how he goes from the dark chocolate brown, from his eye, through to the much paler brown starting on his back with a few ginger bits on his shoulder. Every year is different & this year is no exception, this time he’s gone for the Panda eye look! Continue reading Panda Eyes!

Pretty Poppy.


Hi everyone, my name is Poppy.  I am five months old & was born at the sanctuary I was adopted from. My mum had been rescued from a multi rabbit household & was found to be pregnant, thus resulting in me & my siblings. I have only been here for about three weeks & a lot has happened, I have met all the other bunnies in the shed, my adopted mum & dad & my new husbun Toffee. Continue reading Pretty Poppy.