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Daisy’s Dental.

Daisy a little bit groggy after her op.

On Friday Daisy had a dental operation to remove three spurs that were found on her molars.  They had been caught early enough that the spurs had not penetrated her tongue or dug into her cheeks. This meant the operation was quick & her after care was minimal.

Daisy took a few hours to recover from the anaesthetic, I find different rabbits recover at different speeds due to lots of reasons like age, how long they’ve been under anaesthetic, weight etc.
By the end of the evening as bedtime approached, I did a final check on Daisy & was pleased to see she’d had bowel movements & had eaten a piece of cabbage. It is very important for a rabbit that they get their guts moving as soon as possible after an anaesthetic, so to find poo in the crate was a huge relief. I was concerned that she hadn’t really drunk much if anything, but as things were moving through her gut I was happy to leave her until the morning.

Daisy, next morning in a huff.

The following morning Daisy had eaten all her vegetables, some hay & a Fibafirst stick but she had hardly eaten any of her dry food. I was not too worried though as the most important thing is that she ate her hay & there were more poos & a wee. I still wasn’t impressed by the lack of drinking though.

As it was Saturday, it was Teddy & Daisy’s turn to play out in the shed.  I thought it would also help Daisy recover having more space to move about, which would help keep the guts moving. Daisy basically slept all morning but did get up once or twice for a scoot about & munch of hay. The afternoon she was a lot more interested in things & managed to find a sneaky branch to chew on. Once Daisy was put back in her pen, she had a good mooch about & then went to the water bowl & had a really good long drink. Phew, at last!

This morning when I fed the bunnies, Daisy was her normal self, shooting towards the food dish at great speed & then gobbling everything she could.

To read more about dental disease, click this link.

Daisy finishing off her Fibafirst stick with her Big Ted nearby.