Toffee & Poppy Have a Jolly Good Playtime!

Poppy getting the feeling she’s being watched!

It was time to finally get the bunnies back to playing outside their outdoor pens. I decided to let the less mischievous ones out first. I was confident Poppy would just mooch about & have fun but I was less sure how Toffee would cope.  The last time he played in this area he could see. Continue reading Toffee & Poppy Have a Jolly Good Playtime!

Katie’s Coat – Part One!

Katie with her full coat.
You can see how long it is & quite thick too.

Katie’s coat was ready for coming off, being very rusty  at dealing with Angora coats, over 20 years of rust I might add, I decided my best plan would be to go to YouTube & see what’s out there. After watching several videos of bunnies being sheared, clipped & brushed,  some in a most scary way, being put completely on their back is a massive no, no to me as you just don’t want them going into a trance. Continue reading Katie’s Coat – Part One!