Tilly’s Op

Tilly’s Spay Incision

Yesterday was an anxious day.  Tilly had her spay operation. Her phantom pregnancy hadn’t quite finished & some of her teats had gone back to normal but others hadn’t.  This is unusual, so there was a chance something untoward might have been found but fortunately everything was ok.  I requested a full Mot on her whilst she was out & two of her back teeth were found to have small spurs on them.  Spurs are spikes on the back teeth caused by the teeth not wearing evenly.  These spurs can lacerate the cheek, tongue & any other soft mouth tissue.  If left they will continue to grow & could eventually stop Tilly from eating.  However, if I put her on the correct diet, that is a diet high in fibre, hay being the important ingredient they shouldn’t bother her again. She spent the night in the ‘rabbit bedroom’ nice & snug.  She drank loads when she first came home which is a very good sign & will help her recover quicker from the anaesthetic. This morning she is up & about as normal & is eating & drinking.  Her wound looks really good too, see the photo. I expect  her to be back to normal eating by teatime or breakfast time tomorrow. One step closer now to Rumble having a partner.

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