A Cheeky Visitor.

Mr Wild Bun.

Finally, the bunnies were able to get out into the sunshine over the weekend.  They went mad having speedy runs, binkying & eating as much grass as they could.  Within an hour of them being let out they had a visitor – a wild bun.  I admit I am making an assumption in calling him Mr it could quite easily be Miss/Mrs!
We had one visiting last year & he even brought his partner round.  They both spent hours & hours with my bunnies.  Whole mornings & mid afternoon into evening constantly around my rabbit pens causing chaos.  My bunnies loved it.  They got so excited & giddy as does the wild bun.  However, there are a few downsides to this visitor, one is:

Annie got caught in the firing line of some spraying!
Annie shows the ‘lovely’ orange colour very well on what was her nice white coat.

The other downsides are passing on fleas & nipping. However, I have remedied the nipping on Thumper’s pen. More to come on that in another post.

Mr Wild Bun always like to visit Thumper the most.
Thumper loves the visit even though he goes mad at him!




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