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The Moult.

Annie starting her moult.

The moult has arrived in the bunny shed, well sort of.  Annie & Thumper are the only two who are really going for it this year.  Annie started a couple of weeks ago but hasn’t really needed combing.  As you can see in the photo, the desk mat does a good job of collecting the loose fur.  Thumper is the only bunny so far who has needed a good comb. Continue reading The Moult.

Thumper’s Annoying Carpet Fetish.


Thumper may look sweet & innocent but he has a very naughty streak in him. He is one of the smallest bunnies in the shed but has one of the biggest personalities.  As he has got older, he has become very confident at doing what he wants, in fact he’s very stubborn.  Thumper is now six years old & quite frankly gets naughtier with age. His new ‘thing’ is destroying carpet!

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Update on the Abscess Duo.

Little Annie sound asleep.

So it’s been two months since Annie & Teddy came off their antibiotics.  It was extremely nerve wrecking as we waited to see if the abscesses returned.  So far, touchwood, neither abscess has returned, which feels like a miracle given they only had a slim chance of survival at the beginning of the diagnosis.

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Cuddle Time Caught by the Bunny Cam.

Toffee & Poppy.

The bunnies have a camera inside their shed which is very useful.  I can keep an eye on a sick bunny without keep disturbing them, keep check on what they are all up to & take some cuddle photos.  You’ll have to bare with the small photos, the camera does it’s best. Continue reading Cuddle Time Caught by the Bunny Cam.