Stormy Weather.

Tilly got a touch wet.

Thought seen as the weather was quite mild & the storm hadn’t quite hit  I’d let the bunnies have a last play outside before the winter closedown of their outside pens. Whilst most bunnies headed for the indoors when the torrential rain started there were some who just didn’t bother…

Toffee was quite happy to sit out in the rain…
…but not so happy to be towelled dried.
Tilly was the worst for not wanting to go in. Made me round her up many times before she finally went in absolutely sodden.
A very good towel dry was needed which she wasn’t happy about. Maybe she’ll go in next time!
Patch was another one who obviously didn’t mind getting wet.
Patch not happy after her first towel rub.
Patch just wants to go back into her pen, unfortunately her mane had to be combed first. I’m not having any knots forming!

Other bunnies all went in, thankfully.

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