Annie enjoying her playtime.

Now autumn is well under way & the colder weather has arrived the bunnies access to the outside is now limited.  So to make sure no one gets bored I have set up an indoor play area for them.  It’s still a work in progress but it’s a start. The first to try it out fully set up was Annie & Thumper.  How did they like it…..

All was quiet to begin with….
……then Thumper starts his investigations.
Quickly followed by Annie.
Annie & Thumper seeing what else there is to play with.
Annie likes her heights.
Even smaller ones while Thumper isn’t so sure of the cat scratching pole.
Thumper still not sure as he approaches cautiously.

The cat items are just an experiment & have been passed on by a departed cat.  I saw some cat scratching posts & other cat items at a sanctuary I once visited & the bunnies seemed to really enjoy them. So figured I’d give them a try.

Annie found more height on top of the hay.
Thumper followed suit & another advantage is he can eat it!
Annie also likes her tunnels.
Most definitely Annie’s favourite thing.
Thumper not ready to relax yet, more investigating to do.

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