Teddy Update and Daisy & Teddy’s playtime.


I reduced Teddy’s eye drops over a week ago to one drop every other day. Unfortunately, within a couple of days his eye started running again. He then went back up to one eye drop daily to see if that got it under control, it didn’t. So he is now on eye drops twice a day.  All bunnies will be going for their vaccination in a couple of weeks so we will see then what the next step is.  I suspect it will most probably be a tear duct flush.

In the meantime, Teddy & his missus, Daisy, have a fun time playing out.

First stop for Daisy, the hay bales.
Daisy contemplating while Teddy’s found an interesting smell.
Next stop the mat for Daisy while Teddy thinks I’ve got something for him.
Teddy is still convinced I am worth watching but it’s only the camera lad.
When food is your top priority you’ve just gotta check out the hand that feeds you!
Teddy getting too close to the edge in the vain hope I have food.
Nope still no food & we won’t mention he’s sat on a ton of it!
Teddy thinks if he gives a good pose then maybe there will be a food reward.
Now you see Daisy, well almost!
Both take a break, it’s tiring playing out.
Reward time as Teddy & Daisy get a short play outside.
Munch. munch, munch.
And again!
Another break after all this running around & stuffing themselves on grass.

By the end of the day, both were pretty tired. Their pen should stay tidy for at least a day until they’re ready to burn their energy off again.

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