Rumble & the Nebulizer!

Rumble using the nebulizer.

Rumble has been using the nebulizer for a few days now. He has taken to it reasonably well but it took a few tries to get him in a good position. He won’t wear the mask which would make the process easier so I am having to hold it.

Rumble with me holding the mask in position.

So far, the results I am seeing after the session is the mucus is a lot looser, enough to wipe the mucus on to a cotton ball. He occasionally sneezes after, which I am hoping is clearing more mucus out of his head. I am building his time up slowly & have now got him to eight minutes per session, the sessions are twice a day. My aim is to get the duration of each session to twenty minutes. Afterwards I give him a treat & once a day I sprinkle some Bisolvon on to his treat. In the hope that helps too.

The Nebulizer.

I had read that people said they found nebulizer’s noisy but the Omron I bought for Rumble is quite quiet.

The mask attached to the liquid container.

So we will see how Rumble progresses in the coming weeks.


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