Rumble & Tilly looking slightly orange.

Hello everybody, our mum said we should do this post.  We are the latest couple to get together so thought it was appropriate to announce that a new page has gone on our site.  It is information about bonding bunnies & our story is on there, however I don’t know what she means about us being difficult. Anyway Click here to go straight to the new page & check it out. Just remember we are social animals & like companionship it is good for our mental health & we all like to snuggle up.
If you are wondering why we are both splattered in orange it’s because that naughty wild bun has been round for the last couple of weeks spraying us all.  Unfortunately, us light coloured bunnies always look the worst.
We have updates on our weight too. One of us has gained which is me Tilly & Rumble has lost.  Why do we have to have this new food? We wish she’d just give in.  We have also been told to tell you all that Patch has remained stable with her weight so mum is pleased with that.  Right we’d like to get back outdoors now.

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